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    Version 5.7.9 release details

    Last updated: 14th January 2020
    Released: 14th January 2020


    This page is to detail the latest changes and updates regarding Cohesion version 5.7.9 and to give you an overview of how this may affect your experience with the platform. This release contains bug fixes. Please note, upgrading to this release will require a re-import and rebuild which can be performed with drush dx8:import and drush dx8:rebuild

    When upgrading to this version of Cohesion, you'll also need to upgrade your version of Drupal to 8.8.0 or higher

    Known Issues

    There are no known issues with version 5.7.9 of Cohesion.

    Bug fixes

    This release includes the following bug fixes:

    Style guide manager removed if all values are inheriting from a parent theme

    If all values of style guide manager are set the inherit from the parent (ie: not edited) then the underlying entity will be removed. Therefore if you do a full export this entity will no longer exist. This prevents overriding a child site style guide manager's values when doing a full export/import.

    View template not rendering correctly when adding component with dropzone

    Fixed a bug whereby adding a component with a dropzone on a view template would break the styles and markup of the view.

    Link element - Open modal type - Trigger ID renders as link text

    Fixed an issue where using a link element to trigger a modal was rendering the 'Trigger ID' as the link text instead of its 'ID' value.

    Reduce the amount of temporary component preview

    Improvement has been made to reduce the number of records saved in the temporary key-value storage when previewing a component which was resulting in a large database.

    Using a Component field to set a Font weight

    Fixed a bug where using a Component field to set a font-weight, strange values are being returned rather than the input font-weight.

    Field tokens are not copied when duplicating a parent component

    Fixed a bug where duplication a component with a component inside would not retain its field linkage.

    Setting Zero in a Style Guide Manager token

    Fixed a bug when using a value of Zero in a Style Guide Manager token, the returned value was not valid.

    Maximum call stack size exceeded Javascript error

    Fixed a bug where a Javascript error, maximum call stack size exceeded was appearing in the browser console.


    It is recommended that you back up and upgrade your website on a development environment before applying to a production website.

    You can upgrade your version of Cohesion by following our upgrade guide

    Please note, upgrading to this release will require a re-import and rebuild which can be performed with drush dx8:import and drush dx8:rebuild

    Have you found a bug?

    If you have found a bug, raise a ticket with our Customer Success team on our help center and we will look into your issue.

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