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    Version 5.4.7 release details

    Last updated: 19th July 2019
    Released: 25th June 2019

    Support for automatic entity updates has been removed from Drupal core 8.7 as explained here. DX8 relies on these automatic entity updates for updating to each version up until 5.4.7. If you need to update DX8 from a version <= 5.4.7, you will need to install the Devel Entity Updates module as recommended by Drupal Core.


    This page is to detail the latest changes and updates regarding DX8 version 5.4.7 and to give you an overview of how this may affect your experience with the platform. This release contains minor bug fixes.

    Known Issues

    There are the known issues with version 5.4.7 of DX8:

    • When a color within the color palette has been set to 'Available in WYSIWYG' and is then later unset the color is still available to be selected in the WYSIWYG. 

    The above issue has been resolved in version 5.4.8 of DX8

    Bug fixes

    Here's what bug fixes this release includes:

    Hovered menu item behaves erratically if your mouse is over it when the page loads

    Fixed a bug where the initial state of hovered menu item can get inverted when mouse leave is fired before mouse enter. This occurred when reloading the page whilst hovering over a menu item.

    Sync attempting to export component preview images that have been removed

    Fixed a bug where if a site builder creates a component with a preview image and then uses that component somewhere, the preview image file is tracked as in use even if both the preview image file entity and file are removed.

    Note that element preview images will now be stored locally in public://element-preview-images/ instead of public://cohesion/element-preview-images/


    It is recommended that you backup and upgrade your website on a development environment before applying to a production website.
    You can upgrade your version of DX8 by following our upgrade guide

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    If you have found a bug, raise a ticket with our Customer Success team on our help center and we will look into your issue.

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