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    Version 5.7.4 release details

    Last updated: 27th November 2019
    Released: 27th November 2019


    This page is to detail the latest changes and updates regarding Cohesion version 5.7.4 and to give you an overview of how this may affect your experience with the platform. This release contains bug fixes. Please note, upgrading to this release will require a re-import and rebuild which can be performed with drush dx8:import and drush dx8:rebuild

    Known Issues

    There are no known issues with version 5.7.4 of Cohesion.

    Bug fixes

    This release includes the following bug fixes:

    Available text formats

    Fixed an issue where available text formats were being queried by the current user role(s) instead of directly with the user account object. This meant that if user 1 had no role, they were unable to access any text formats.

    Range slider handle positioning

    Fixed an issue when reloading / loading a page where the range slider handle was sometimes in the incorrect position.

    Styles - pseudo content images

    Fixed an issue that prevented rendering images in  :before and :after pseudo elements that were specified in base and custom styles.

    In addition you can now use Drupal image styles on the content property of a pseudo element.

    Layout canvas preview 

    Fixed an issue where the layout canvas field was not rendering correctly on content entity preview pages.

    Inserting media into WYSIWYG element

    Fixed an issue where inserting an entity via the entity browser and pressing apply without focusing on the WYSIWYG could cause the embedded entity data to not be saved.

    Help text in style guide forms

    Fixed an issue where help text was not showing in the style guide forms.

    Tokenizing existing select error

    Fixed a bug when tokenizing an existing select field in a component. This would cause a validation error when selecting a value on a component instance.

    Reordering of custom styles in UI

    Fixed a bug where a user was unable to reorder styles in the UI.


    It is recommended that you back up and upgrade your website on a development environment before applying to a production website.

    You can upgrade your version of Cohesion by following our upgrade guide

    Please note, upgrading to this release will require a re-import and rebuild which can be performed with drush dx8:import and drush dx8:rebuild

    Have you found a bug?

    If you have found a bug, raise a ticket with our Customer Success team on our help center and we will look into your issue.

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