Content templates

    You can use DX8’s Layout builder to create content templates for:

    • Content types
    • Custom block types
    • Taxonomy vocabularies
    • Contact forms
    • Comment types
    • Users
    • Custom content entities*

    Each of these types of content can have multiple View modes. For example, the Article content type has a Full view mode and a Teaser view mode.

    The Full view mode is typically used when the content is displayed on its own page. The Teaser view mode is a short format that is typically used to display a list of content items.

    When you create content templates, you’ll create them for View modes. For example, you can create a template for the Article full view mode and a template for the Article teaser view mode.

    This is illustrated in the diagram below.


    For more information see: 

    *You can create templates for custom content entities or ones provided by contributed modules but you will need to implement hooks to make this work. This is a task for a Drupal developer. For more information, see Implementing hooks for custom content entities.

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