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    Setting permissions for editors

    You can choose what parts of DX8 you want your website editors to have access to using Drupal's Roles and Permissions system.

    The access you provide editors will be determined in part by the way you have built your website. The main consideration is whether you give editors access to Layout elements in the Sidebar browser or restrict them to using Components. For more information see Editing content with elements vs. components.

    We recommend that you create your website using Components and restrict access to Elements for your editors.

    To set DX8 permissions:

    1. Navigate to People > Permissions
    2. Scroll to the section that starts with DX8 base styles
    3. Within this, and the DX8 title sections below you can set the permissions of all DX8 functionality.

    You cannot set the permissions on individual DX8 elements in the sidebar browser as this would make the permissions matrix difficult to manage. You can however set permissions for the DX8 element groups. For example, you could choose to give editors access to just the Layout elements.

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