Google map marker element

    The Google map marker element allows you to add location pins to your Google map element. They can also display an info window when clicked. See examples of a Google map marker element.

    When two or more pins are used on a Google map element the map will adjust its zoom level and positioning to display all pins. See example.

    Locating the Google map marker element

    To find the Google map marker element:

    1. Navigate to a page or template with the Layout canvas
    2. Click the + button on the Layout canvas
    3. Within the Elements tab, look for the Google map marker element.


    The Google map marker element includes the following fields:

    Marker label

    • Marker label - Sets the text for the marker label. If left blank, no label will appear.

    Marker location

    • Address - Type the address to focus the map on. Click on 'Find coordinates' to search for the address
    • Latitude - Sets the location latitude. Auto-populated when an address has been found
    • Longitude - Sets the location longitude. Auto-populated when an address has been found
    • Preview - Displays a map preview.

    Map marker

    • Marker type - Sets the type of marker to use
      • Default map marker - Use the default map marker set in the Google map element
      • Custom image marker - Upload a custom marker as a .png or .svg file
        • Marker scaled size width - Sets the width of the marker to scale to
        • Marker scaled size height - Sets the height of the marker to scale to.

    Marker link

    • Type - Sets the type of link to use
      • None - Opens map marker info window
      • Internal page - Link to an internal page on your site
      • URL - Set the marker to open a URL. Type the URL in the field that appears.
      • Anchor - Sets the marker to open an anchor location.

    Marker info window

    This is where you can define the content of the Google map marker info window. See an example.

    • Marker info - Define the content of your Google map marker info window through the WYSIWYG editor.
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