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    Color picker form element

    Use the Color picker form element to add a Color picker and color palette to your Component form. For more information, see Create an editable component.

    Always use the Color picker when making a color within your layout an editable field within your Component form. You cannot use a simple text input and ask editors to fill in a Hex value. The color selection within styles requires the color object provided by the color picker.

    Locating the color picker form element

    To find the Color picker form element:

    1. Navigate to a component
    2. Click the + button on the Component form builder
    3. Within the Fields tab, look for the Color picker form element.


    The Color picker element includes the following fields:

    Title field

    • Provide a name for the form element. Important: This will be displayed in your component form.

    Field settings

    • Hide picker tab - Set to hide the color picker tab 
    • Colors allowed - Set what color are available in the color picker
      • Allow all colors - Set to allow all colors in the color picker 
      • Restrict by specific colors - Set to restrict the color picker to specific 
      • Restrict to color tags - Set to restrict the color picker to specific color tags.


    • Default value (optional) - Select a default color for the Color picker. 
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