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    System settings

    You can configure various DX8 global system settings here. 

    Default sidebar view style

    You can configure the default view of the sidebar browser to either show titles or thumbnails for elements, components and helpers. 

    Log DX8 errors

    You can configure DX8 errors which maybe produced from the layout canvas, sidebar editor and other features to be logged, to the Drupal reports which can be found by navigating to Reports > Recent log messages.

    Image browser for config

    You can set the image browser to use for configuration pages such as DX8 entities, component, styles etc. 

    Image browser for content

    You can set the image browser to use for content pages such as Layout Canvas fields on a node.

    Animate on view settings

    You can configure the on-view animations to be applied or disabled on touch devices. Animation on view can cause usability problems on touch devices so this option is set to Disabled by default. This is a global setting.

    Animate on scroll settings

    You can enable animation classes to be added to the website body which include: is-scrolling, is-scrolled, is-scrolled-down, is-scrolled-up. 

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    Raise a support ticket

    To raise a ticket, sign into Acquia Cloud and select Help in the top menu.

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