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    Creating templates for other view modes

    You can create a template for each of the "non full" View mode. These are typically used for lists where the content isn't viewed on its own page in full. For more information on View modes see Understanding view modes.

    Create a 'non full' content template

    There are three steps to creating a content template.

    For the purpose of an example, the following steps are for creating Content type templates as this is the most common use case, but the same process applies for other content entity types like Taxonomy vocabularies. 

    Step 1 - Choose an entity bundle view mode to template

    The first step is to select what you're going to make a template for. For example, the Article teaser content type. 

    1. Navigate to DX8 > Templates > Content templates
    2. For Content types and this example click on Content type
    3. Click on one of the Accordions to open the list of template options for that Content type
    4. Locate the teaser view mode template.
    5. Click Create in the Operations column.


    Step 2 - Layout your template

    Layout your template using the Layout builder. For more information, see Using the layout builder. 

    To begin with, add dummy content directly into your template. This is so you'll be able to preview what your template will look like before connecting it to the live data from your Content type fields (This is done later).

    Step 3 - Preview your template

    Click on the Preview icon to preview your template layout. For more information, see Using the Layout canvas preview


    Step 4 - Connect your template fields to your content type fields

    Once you've created your template layout, you can connect it to fields within your content type so that it uses real content provided within your Content type rather than the dummy content you added when building your layout.

    The process of linking your layout to fields is the same when creating any type of template using DX8. For that reason, it's been described on a separate page, see Connecting your templates to fields.

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