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    Stable version 5.3 release details

    Last updated: 17th December 2018 


    This page is to detail the latest changes and updates regarding DX8 version 5.3 and to give you an overview of how this may affect your experience with the platform.

    This release contains a some new features such as a new HTML base style, experimental layout builder support and some enhanced security for components. The release also contains some bug fixes with component default content and the video element assets not loading.

    Known Issues

    The following are known issues within this version of DX8:

    • Tokenising icons within component field in style tab, the icon doesn't render 
    • A missing permission to limit access to Custom elements in the sidebar browser
    • Using a view item in a view template and updating the entity type, the bundle and view mode select lists are not updated based on the selected entity type.
    • Selecting transparency as color on an element can cause an error when saving multiple times. The current workaround for this is to edit the styles and re-select transparency in the color picker, you will then be able to save the node without the error.


    Here's what new features this release includes:

    HTML base style

    It is now possible to create an HTML base style.

    This is particularly useful for maintaining <body> scroll position when opening a fixed position menu or modal, where the <html> and <body> elements need to be given a fixed height of 100%.

    See for a demo of this technique in action.

    Layout builder support - Experimental

    You can now enable a new sub module "DX8 layout builder" (cohesion_layout_builder) which will give some support when using DX8 with the core Drupal layout builder module. Note that the layout builder module is experimental, so this support module may break unexpectedly. Consider it experimental until the core layout builder comes out of experimental status.


    • Content templates will render on the layout edit page (node/x/layout)
    • Custom block templates can be themed with DX8 (/admin/cohesion/templates/content_templates/block_content)
    • Tokens can be used in custom blocks.
    • New "Drupal -> Content" element available in the DX8 sidebar browser (this element prints the content variable of the current context which effectively hands rendering the content entity over to Drupal core).

    To use core layout builder with DX8, you will need to add the new "Content" element onto your content template in place of the usual fields that you would add if using the DX8 layout builder field to handle your content entity layouts.

    Enhanced security

    This version of DX8 provides some enhanced security, this means that within some component form fields you can now escape HTML, you can find out more about using this feature here.

    Button element

    There is now a button element available within the Interactive section of the sidebar browser.

    This shares the Back to top and Scroll to functionality of the link element and provides two additional modifier options:

    • Toggle modifier (as accessible popup - collapsed) = Adds attributes/values aria-haspop="true" and aria-expanded="false"
    • Toggle modifier (as accessible popup - expanded) = Adds attributes/values aria-haspop="true" and aria-expanded="true"

    These should be used instead of links for toggling visibility of mobile and other hidden navigation, e.g. search and language selector blocks.

    Find out more about the button element here.

    Bug fixes

    Here's what bug fixes this release includes:

    Fixed Video controls assets not loading

    Fixed a bug where the path in the .css to /assets/video/mejs-controls.svg was incorrect in generated css resulting in the video controls not showing for the video element.

    Component default content update

    When using components that have default values, the default value will be applied at the point that the component is added to the layout canvas.

    This means that later updates to default values will not propagate to components saved on nodes or in helpers etc.

    Adding new fields or removing fields from a component will propagate to existing components and any new default data associated with those new fields will be added to the node when it's next saved.

    Testing notes

    When upgrading to this version of DX8, we recommend that you upgrade on a development environment, before upgrading a production website. 
    These are some recommended things to test:

    • Video element if used, check your controls are displaying correctly
    • Check your components content is rendering as expected, especially if you have used HTML tags such as <strong> in an input or plain text area
    • Add a component which contains default content to the layout canvas and check your default content is rendering as expected.


    It is recommended that you backup and upgrade your website on a development version before applying to a production website.
    You can upgrade your version of DX8 by following our upgrade guide

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