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    Stable version 5.2 release details

    This page is to detail the latest changes and updates regarding DX8 version 5.2 and to give you an overview of how this may affect your experience with the platform.

    Fixed super user permissions

    User #1 is now given all DX8 permissions regardless of their roles (matches how Drupal core behaves for this user).

    Link and interaction - Modifier scope to parent element

    You can now choose "Parent element" as the scope when applying using the modifier interaction type. Once selected you can enter "Parent" (jQuery selector) which will traverse up the DOM (see to find a parent element and then looks for your given selector within that parent.

    If the parent is not found (e.g. you select a non-existent class) then the modifier class will not be applied to anything.

    Row for columns - Markup and style target

    The Row for columns element consists of a two-level <div> container structure (coh-row and coh-row-inner). In this update, the way additional markup and styles are added to the element has changed. A database update is required for existing elements to be updated.

    Previous behaviour

    Additional markup (classes, ids, attributes) are added to the outer container
    Custom style and style tab classes are added to the inner container

    This prevented modifiers from being added to the top-level (default) of the Row for columns style tree, and styles from being applied to the outer container.

    New behaviour

    Upon running a database update, existing Row for columns elements will have their custom style and style tab classes moved to the outer element
    Editing an existing Row for columns element or creating a new one will expose a new form section under Settings called Markup and style target, which will allow the site builder to select whether markup and styles are attached to the outer or inner container.

    Risk mitigation

    This change should pose minimal risk providing a database update is done. This is because markup will still be on the outer container and styles on Row for columns have only very recently been enabled.

    For new Row for columns elements, markup and styles will be added to the inner container by default.

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