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    Version 5.4.6 release details

    Last updated: 24th June 2019
    Released: 17th June 2019

    Support for automatic entity updates has been removed from Drupal core 8.7 as explained here. DX8 relies on these automatic entity updates for updating to each version up until 5.4.6. If you need to update DX8 from a version <= 5.4.6, you will need to install the Devel Entity Updates module as recommended by Drupal Core.


    This page is to detail the latest changes and updates regarding DX8 version 5.4.6 and to give you an overview of how this may affect your experience with the platform. This release contains minor bug fixes.

    Known Issues

    Known issues with version 5.4.6 of DX8:

    • Sync trying to export preview images that have been removed
    • Hovering over menu items and reloading the page, whilst still hovering over a menu item, causes incorrect dropdown states.

    The above issues have been resolved in version 5.4.7.

    Bug fixes

    Here's what bug fixes this release includes:

    Tokenising accordion/tabs container "Start state"

    Fixed a bug where previously it was not possible to tokenize the "Start state" field in the accordion tabs container element.

    Website settings page admin link text incorrect

    Fixed a bug when using some contributed admin themes, the admin links on the website settings page were displaying the incorrect text.

    Viewing a video in fullscreen mode goes beyond screen size

    Fixed a bug where viewing a video in fullscreen mode on a mobile in portrait was displaying beyond the screen size.

    Maps not always being initialized

    Fixed a bug where in certain setups, you might have a map hidden on a page and then want to display it by toggling a modifier. Previously the hidden map would not render when toggling the modifier.

    Added in Sync package validation before export

    Fixed a bug where previously if you exported some configuration that was referencing a file that no longer existed within the file system, resulted in a corrupt export yml file. A message now appears when trying to export informing the user of the missing file.


    It is recommended that you backup and upgrade your website on a development environment before applying to a production website.
    You can upgrade your version of DX8 by following our upgrade guide

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