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    Stable version 5.1 release details

    This page is to detail the latest changes and updates regarding DX8 version 5.1 and to give you an overview of how this may affect your experience with the platform.

    Component browser thumbnail view

    A thumbnail preview image can be uploaded for components. The Component / Element browser can be toggled into visual thumbnail view. This makes it easier for content editors to choose and add Components to their pages. A magnified "loupe" now appears when hovering over Components that have thumbnails set in both list and thumbnail view.  

    Component forms - column support

    You can now arrange component form fields in columns allowing you to create more compact and usable Component forms. 

    To use this new feature, your form fields must be inside a Form group. Editing this will provide options for Heading visibility and Column count.

    Toggling Heading visibility off will hide the form group's title bar and remove left/right padding - this is useful for making fields appear to be within the same form group but arranged with different column widths.

    Column count will determine how many columns a form group's fields will divide over. By default this is set as undefined, meaning the number of columns will match the number of fields. There are additional options of 1,2,3 and 4.

    All form fields will stack below a display width of 768px.

    Scoping added to modifiers in Link and Interaction

    When adding toggle/add/remove class modifier to a link you now have a ‘Scope’ option. You can choose Page, Component or This element. The options will scope the “target” jQuery selector you enter.

    Behaves as before. The Target selector will search for matches on the whole page.

    Will traverse parent elements from the current element until it finds the top of the component it is in. Then it searches the elements within that component for any that match the Target.

    This element
    Will search the current element itself and any children for the target selector. If you choose ‘This element’ and don’t specify a target the modifier will be applied to the current element itself.

    Note. If you set the Scope as Component but the element is not in a component it will behave as if you had selected Page.

    Upgrading to DX8 version 5.1? Take a look at this guide here to upgrade.

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