Entity reference revisions module

    This module was last tested on the 25th June 2019, on Drupal 8.6.13 with DX8 5.4.7 using version 8.x-1.6 of the module.

    Currently there are some issues when using Entity reference revisions with DX8.

    If you're using DX8 version 5.5.0 or above the required patch is included in the DX8 composer.json and is installed if patching is enabled according to this post on Github.

    Compatibility notes

    When saving a node and changing only the layout canvas, the revisions are not visible in the revision tab on the node.
    This can be resolved by applying patch #30 which can be found on the issue queue on Drupal.org.

    Link to module

    The module can be found on Drupal.org here.

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