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    Field group form element

    Use the Group accordion and the Field group form elements to group fields on your Component form. These fields are purely for the purpose of making your Component forms easier to use through layout.

    The example below shows the Group accordion (in blue) and the Field group (in black) being used to organize the layout of a form with many fields.

    It is not recommended to use a Field group element as an outer most container with Tab containers or Group accordions within, as you may get unexpected form styling or layout. The Field group element should be placed within Group accordions or Tab elements.


    Locating the field group form element

    To find the Field group form element:

    1. Navigate to a component
    2. Click the + button on the Component form builder
    3. Within the Fields tab, look for the field group form element.


    The Field group form element includes the following fields:

    Title field

    • Provide a name for the form element. Important: This will be displayed in your component form.

    Field settings

    • Heading visibility - When toggled on, the field group heading is shown in the component edit form
    • Column count - You can layout the component form fields in columns 
      • Undefined - Expand the column to the available width, this is the default 
      • 1,2,3,4 - Set the numbered column to the number of fields to layout your fields
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