Version 5.4 release details

    Last updated: 12th February 2019 
    Released: 5th February 2019
    Release status: Beta

    This version of DX8 is considered as a beta version and should be used on local or development versions of your website. We do not recommend using this version on your production websites until the release is marked as 'Fully tested by Cohesion'.


    This page is to detail the latest changes and updates regarding DX8 version 5.4 and to give you an overview of how this may affect your experience with the platform. This release contains new features and some bug fixes.

    Known Issues

    There are no known issues with version 5.4 of DX8.


    Here's what new features this release includes:

    Style builder - CSS3 filters

    You can now add CSS3 filters to your element styles. Multiple filters can be applied at the same time.

    Note: The filter property is not supported in IE11 but is supported in Edge and all other modern browsers.

    Tidy Form button replaces Expand/Collapse all button

    A new button added to the Style Builder and Styles tab on elements, custom styles, and base styles allows for easy tidying of your form. A site builder can now click this button and remove all empty fields, breakpoint rows and sections from their styles form.

    The expand/collapse all accordions button has been replaced by the new Tidy button on the Styles tab.

    Tokenizing Element Title field

    Now when you enter a Token in the Title field of an element, the title field will not be disabled.

    Video element - Play on hover

    You can now set videos to play on hover and pause when hover focus is changed. A new class of coh-video-hover is applied to the coh-video element when hover is active, should you want to apply hover styles to the video.

    Video & Video background element previews

    You can now preview a video when entering the URL into the Video and Video background elements. 

    Video URL Component field

    Video URL Component field allows users to preview the Video on a Component. 

    Update to Icon libraries Interface

    In the website settings, the icon libraries interface has been simplified to allow for easier uploading and importing of Icon fonts.

    Update to Font libraries Interface

    In the website settings, the font libraries interface has been simplified to allow easier uploading of Web / Hosted font libraries. 

    You can now add several jQuery UI animation effects to your menus. This can be changed across different breakpoints. Settings are available on the Menu link element.

    It is recommended that the desired animations are applied prior to creating CSS styles, as these styles could have a negative impact on the jQuery animation.

    Please see for details on each animation effect. Please see for details on easing functions.

    Support for media entity browsers

    A website administrator can now specify the type of image browser to use when selecting images for use within DX8, within the DX8 system settings. You can select a different browser for editing config pages (DX8 entities, component, styles etc) and one for content pages (layout canvas fields on a node for example). This is so you could give site builders access to use the more flexible IMCE browser and content editors access to use the entity browsers for a simpler user experience.

    The available options depend on the modules you have installed. DX8 requires the IMCE file manager, so that will always be an option. You can also install the entity browser and have an image media browser available (for example, the browsers that come with the Drupal Lighting distribution are compatible:

    Important if you're upgrading DX8: - Because IMCE is already installed on your existing site, an update will run as part of drush updb to automatically set IMCE as your file browser.

    Accessibility updates to menus

    Menu keyword navigation has been improved significantly and the following keys can be used to navigate:

    • Space - toggles child menu visibility. If no child menu, will follow link
    • Return/enter - Always follows menu link
    • Down/right arrow keys - opens child menu and/or moves onto next menu item
    • Up/left arrow keys - closes child menu and/or moves onto previous menu item
    • Escape - closes child menu and restores focus to parent menu item.

    Menu links that have sub-menus now have aria-haspopup and aria-expanded attributes applied. The latter will toggle between a value of true/false depending on the display state of the child menu. 

    New permission for custom elements group

    A new permission has been added: "DX8 Elements - Custom elements group"
    This grants access to the DX8 custom elements group within the sidebar browser to the roles you specify.

    DX8 sync drush import/export directory is configurable

    It's now possible to specify an import/export directory in settings.php when running dx8 sync from the command line. 

    For example:

    $config_directories = [
    'dx8_sync' => 'sites/default/files/',

    See: modules/cohesion_sync/ for more information.

    Menu content tokens can now be used in menu templates.

    Menu link entity tokens are now available in the token browser when editing a DX8 menu template. Note that tokens in menu templates only work as part of element settings and will not render out in menu template inline styles.

    To add additional fields to menu links and use their tokens, we recommend using the Menu Item Extras module, rather than a custom solution as this will provide site builders control over fields and also exposes field tokens to the DX8 token browser automatically.

    This module has been added to the recommended section of the composer.json file as:


    The "Menu link item" element has been converted to a container. If this element is empty it will default to printing the link title, otherwise it will render the child elements you place inside it. Note that existing elements on your site will not automatically be converted to containers and will work as normal.

    Improved Validation on Responsive Grid Settings page

    Added stricter validation to ensure that the minimum width value on each breakpoint doesn't intersect with any of the others.

    Save the whole Layout canvas

    There is now an options dropdown menu on the Layout canvas which allows you to save your whole Layout canvas as a helper or component. 

    Tokenize the block element in Components

    It is now possible to have an existing or custom select of Drupal blocks within the Component builder. 

    Bug fixes

    Here's what bug fixes this release includes:

    Tokenizing icons within a component field not rendering

    Fixed a bug where icons were not rendering if used as component field in style tab.
    Note this requires a cache clear.

    Using contextual filters on a view, not using master template selected

    Fixed a bug when using a view item in a view template and updating the entity type, the bundle and view mode select lists are not updated based on the selected entity type. 

    Sidebar editor - modal/backdrop z-index override

    In the latest version of Drupal (8.7.x-dev) the z-index of native jQuery UI modals/backdrops has been reduced significantly, from ~10000 to ~600.
    To ensure no obstruction, we've hardcoded a z-index of ~500 on our sidebar editor modal/backdrop.

    Style helpers entities not calculating dependencies on export

    Previously, when exporting style helper entities via the DX8 Sync module, dependencies were not included. This has now been fixed so colors, styles, etc. are exported with style helper entities.

    View item element selects not updating

    Using a view item in a view template and updating the entity type, the bundle and view mode select lists are not updated based on the selected entity type.

    Selecting transparency as color can cause an error

    Fixed a bug where selecting transparency as color on an element caused an error when saving multiple times. 

    Accordion tabs match heights

    Fixed a bug where applying match heights to Accordion tabs wasn't applying to the content or tabs when enabled.

    Testing Notes

    When upgrading to this version of DX8, we recommend that you upgrade on a development environment, before upgrading a production website. 
    These are some recommended things to test:

    • Check your fonts and icons are rendering on the front end as expected, and that within the website settings all your fonts and icon library settings are shown in the new form as you would expect.
    • If using tokenized icons on components, check that they render as expected.
    • If using Drupal 8.7-dev, when on a layout canvas; open the sidebar browser and then open the token browser. Check that the token browser appears above the sidebar browser and can be interacted with.
    • Check your DX8 website settings have IMCE selected as your image browser if upgrading from an earlier version. 


    It is recommended that you backup and upgrade your website on a development environment before applying to a production website.
    You can upgrade your version of DX8 by following our upgrade guide

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