DX8 layout builder - experimental

    The module "DX8 layout builder" is included within DX8 as a sub module from version 5.3 this provides some support when using DX8 with the core Drupal layout builder module. Note that the layout builder module is experimental, so this support module may break unexpectedly. Consider it experimental until the core layout builder comes out of experimental status.

    Enabling the module

    1. Click Extend in the admin menu
    2. Search for DX8 layout builder 
    3. Click the checkbox next to the module and click Install.

    Alternatively you can install using the following drush command:

    drush en cohesion_layout_builder

    What's supported:

    • Content templates will render on the layout edit page (node/x/layout)
    • Custom block templates can be themed with DX8 (/admin/cohesion/templates/content_templates/block_content)
    • Tokens can be used in custom blocks.
    • New "Drupal -> Content" element available in the DX8 sidebar browser (this element prints the content variable of the current context which effectively hands rendering the content entity over to Drupal core).

    To use core layout builder with DX8, you will need to add the new Content element onto your content template in place of the usual fields that you would add if using the DX8 layout builder field to handle your content entity layouts.

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