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    Version 5.7.0 release details

    Last updated: 12th November 2019
    Released: 11th November 2019

    When upgrading your website to the latest version of Cohesion, database updates will be applied and therefore you can't roll back to the previous version of Cohesion once upgraded.

    It is recommended applying updates on your development environment and backing up your website including your database before upgrading Cohesion.


    This page is to detail the latest changes and updates regarding Cohesion version 5.7.0 and to give you an overview of how this may affect your experience with the platform. 

    Known issues

    There are the following known issues with version 5.7.0 of Cohesion:

    • Notice appearing when editing elements on a Layout Canvas
      When editing elements on a layout canvas, there is an intermittent Drupal watchdog error thrown “Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in Drupal\schemata_json_schema\Encoder\JsonSchemaEncoder->supportsEncoding()”
      This is a known issue with the Schemata module. See: for more details. 
    • Declaration warning appearing relating to stream wrappers
      A declaration warning appearing on Cohesion sites, relating to the Cohesion stream wrapper.
      This issue will be resolved in 5.7.1 release of Cohesion.


    Color palette tagging

    Adds the ability to "tag" colors in the Website settings, Color palette. Website builders can then group certain colors and then restrict a Color picker Component field to specific tags. See Creating your color palette for more information on tagging colors.

    Component and helper category permission changes

    Users with permissions to create, edit and delete component and helper entities will:

    • Automatically have permissions to select from any category on the component and helper entity form
    • Be able to select from any component or helper in the Cohesion sidebar.    

    Element forms UI changes.

    The "Toggle variable mode" and "Open token browser" buttons in the element ellipsis menu have been moved to the toolbar containing the title and properties menu.

    Font picker field added for use on Style Guides

    A new form field type that allows for the selection of fonts. The list dynamically updates and will pull newly added/removed fonts. This is only available for use with style guides. See Font picker form element for more information about this form element.

    Lock and unlock the Font stacks

    Adds the ability to lock and unlock the label and variable fields when adding a font stack.
    See Set up font libraries and font stacks, to learn more.

    Style guide manager

    The style guide manager is a new (optional) sub module and will need to be enabled to use it ("Cohesion style guide manager" via the UI or "cohesion_style_guide" via drush).  

    You can use the Style guide manager to create theme-specific overrides for your website's styles and appearance settings.

    Theme specific overrides can use theme inheritance. This means a sub-theme will automatically inherit the settings of its parent theme. Changes made to sub-theme settings will override its parent theme settings.

    The Style guide manager has two main interfaces:

    1. Style guide builder 
    This is an interface for defining theme-specific overrides. The output of the Style guide builder is a ‘Style guide’. This can be accessed at: `/admin/cohesion/style_guides` 

    2. Style guides
    This is an interface for applying values to your theme-specific overrides. These overrides are theme specific and can be access on the appearance settings form for any Cohesion enabled theme.

    For more information, see What is the style guide manager?

    Support for embed media plugins in Cohesion WYSIWYG

    Added support for CKEditor plugins like Drupal 8.8.x "Insert from Media Library" and "Node" that use the "Embed media" or "Display embedded entities" setting in the text format definition.

    These plugins can now be used in Cohesion WYSIWYG elements and Cohesion WYSIWYG component form elements.

    Support for tokens in View item element settings

    When building a view template, it is now possible to toggle variable mode in the View item settings form and apply tokens to the view mode settings.

    Toggle parent menu visibility

    Added an interaction option to the menu button element to allow site builders to add a Menu button, which will toggle the visibility of the parent menu.

    Bug fixes

    Authentication via settings.php and drush

    Fixed an issue where defining the API authentication credentials in settings.php was not working with Cohesion drush commands. 

    Conflicts with remote stream wrappers

    Fixed a bug where Cohesion would conflict with stream wrappers that did not invoke getDirectoryPath (remote stream wrappers for example).

    Empty styles edge case

    Fixed an edge case where a malformed response from the API could fail to update the website stylesheet correctly.

    Fixed API warning

    Fixed a bug where a Drupal warning was being thrown when saving custom styles that had been upgraded from an earlier version of Cohesion and had an unset image background.

    Package upload button disabled state

    Fixed a bug where the upload button on the sync package upload form (DX8 -> Sync packages -> Import packages) was always enabled. This meant it was possible to upload the validation of a package before it was complete by clicking the button prematurely. This button is now disabled until the validation is complete.

    Rendering regions of inactive themes

    Fixed a bug where regions for inactive themes were being rendered if they had the machine name as a region in the inactive theme. For example, adding two "content" regions from different themes would render the "content" region of the active theme twice. This is now fixed as the system checks if a region belongs to the active theme before rendering it. 

    Saving an element as a helper and then placing the helper on the same layout canvas as the original element

    Fixed an issue where after creating a helper from an element, it would have the same UUID as the original element and would clash if you placed that helper back onto the same layout canvas it was saved from resulting in form data being overwritten with blank values.

    Using images and gradients together on an element inline style

    Fixed a bug when using a background image and a gradient together on an inline style for an element, the gradient was not being rendered in the CSS.

    Video in modal continues to play

    Fixed a bug when there is a Video in a modal and the modal is closed the video continued to play. This is fixed for native HTML5 videos, YouTube and Vimeo. 

    WYSIWYG form fields in custom elements not working 

    Fixed and issue where tokenising a custom element WYSIWYG in a component didn't render the WYSIWYG content. 

    Steps before upgrading

    As with any version of Cohesion, we recommend that you backup your websites database and code before upgrading the version of Cohesion. There are no other specific steps to carry out before upgrading to this version.


    It is recommended that you backup and upgrade your website on a development environment before applying to a production website. You can upgrade your version of Cohesion by following our upgrade guide.

    Have you found a bug?

    If you have found a bug, raise a ticket with our Customer Success team on our help center and we will look into your issue.

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