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    Using the token browser

    You can use tokens to render dynamic data from your Content types and other content entities into fields in your Content templates. Tokens are specially formatted blocks of text that serve as placeholders for a dynamically generated value. They consist of a Type and a Value and are always contained within square brackets like this [node:title]. In this example, node: is the type and title is the value. You could use this example to render the node title into the Heading text field in a Heading element on your template.

    The token browser

    DX8 uses the Token browser module to provide you with a visual way of finding and inserting tokens into your fields to render dynamic data.


    Inserting tokens into fields

    To insert a tokens into fields:

    1. Open the token browser
    2. Click into the field you want to add the token to
    3. Click on the token in the token browser
    4. The token will be added to the field.


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