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    Translating DX8 templates

    Content that is added to a DX8 Template is translatable via the interface translation module. 

    1. Enable the Interface Translation module

    Enable Drupal 8 core "Interface Translation" module. You can do this by going to "Extend" and then searching for "Interface Translation" and enabling the module. 

    2. Add content to your template

    1. Add content to your template, for example we have a paragraph containing "Hello DX8"
    2. Click Apply to save your element
    3. Click Save and Continue to save your template.

    3. Translate your content

    Note: Before translating your content, you need to visit a node that is using that template in the language you want to translate to. For example you need to visit the page in French, if you want to translate to French. Drupal will register the string and you can then translate through the User interface translation.  

    1. Navigate to Configuration > Regional and Language > User interface translation
    2. Search for your content in the filter
    3. Enter a translation for other languages 
    4. Click Save translations.

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