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    Editing content with elements and components

    You can use the Layout builder directly on pages and other content entities to create rich content and layout. For information on how to add the Layout builder, see Adding the layout builder to content entities.

    Creating a rich editing experience

    You can provide content editors with a rich content creation and editing experience by providing the Layout builder on Content types and other content entities. The level of power and flexibility you provide editors is dependant on both their skill level and the level of control you want to provide.

    There are two approaches for using the Layout builder directly on Content entities. These are:

    • Creating content and layouts with Elements
    • Creating content and layout with Components (Recommended approach)

    Creating content with elements

    You can provide editors with access to the full Sidebar browser and all the Elements it includes. This will give editors access to the raw building blocks so they can create any layout they want. This might be the level of flexibility and control your editors want and very useful if they want to create unique one off landing pages or campaign pages.

    There are however, a number of disadvantages to taking this approach. These are:

    • Your editors will be required to have a significant amount of knowledge and design skill to use the raw Elements.
    • It will be difficult to enforce design consistency across multiple pages
    • The layouts will be specific to the page. You will not be able to change layouts globally to effect multiply pages
    • The editing experience will be more complicated as editors will have to navigate through the elements on the Layout canvas to find content.

    Creating content with components

    You can provide editors with access to Components in the Sidebar browser. You can think of them as mini templates that can be added and combined on the Layout canvas to create new layouts. But unlink Elements, Components are developed specifically for the website and can include custom editing forms that only allow your editors to change the content or settings you want them to.

    For more information, see Creating components

    There are many advantages to taking this approach. These are

    • Your editors will have access to a powerful content editing and layout experience that's tailored to the website
    • You will be able to enforce design consistency across all pages
    • Components are globally managed. You can make a change to their layout and it will apply to all pages where it's used.
    • The editing experience is simple for any level of editor
    • Components are configuration entities. They can be versioned with other configuration.
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