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    Creating views

    Use Drupal views to create, manage, and display lists of content. For example, a list of blog posts, a list of upcoming events, a list of users or any other content available on your website. For more information, see the official documentation

    Creating a view page

    To create a view through using Drupal's user interface:

    1. Navigate to Structure > Views > Add new view
    2. The views creation wizard will open
    3. Within 'View basic information' enter a name for your view in the View name field

    4. Within 'View settings' select the type of content to show in your view

    5. Within 'Page settings' tick the Create a page checkbox
    6. The title and the path of your view will be populated. You can change these here if you require
    7. Within 'Page display settings' select how you'd like your list to display. Select teasers to display your content using the teaser view mode
    8. Enter the number of items you want to display on each page
    9. Tick the User a pager check box to include pagination on your view page

    10. Click Save and edit to save your view and move to the configuration screen
    11. You've now created your View. To see it, navigate to (your domain)/(the path of your view).
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